Seeing a counsellor

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Shouldn’t your wife be the only person you are vulnerable to? I mean her job is to be your rock on the rare day you’re not doing well. Always thought of the SO as someone you could tell anyone to. You can’t be strong all the time man, but you can choose who you ‘appear vulnerable to’. I’ve always reconciled that in my mind as just being part of the human experience. Some things defy logic especially the matters of the heart.

So much…

Watched a documentary last night called the mask you wear. May resonate with you pok

thanks will check it out

  1. It’s good you are taking the first step to be in sync with your emotions.

  2. It is impossible to bury your emotions. Suppression has effects and consequences.

  3. Being in touch with your emotions allows you to be true to yourself and reach your full potential.

  4. Identifying stressors is useful as then you can diffuse the stressors through coping mechanisms (hobbies, sports, etc.).

  5. Diffusing stress decreases anxiety. A decrease in anxiety in general has been shown to increase health physiologically. Psychologically, the brain operates the best in a low stress and low anxiety environment. Memory recall is highest in a low stress environment.

  6. What is a low stress environment? It is one the brain is comfortable with in terms of the stimuli and action/reaction. Think out of the box on this one. Consider the takedown of Bin Laden. On the helicopter ride over to the target, minutes before the successful operation, most of the SEALs took a nap on the ride over. This was shocking to some media when they heard this. But, these operatives had run through the mission many times over in a mock up of the building in the US. Their best bet at reaction time, quick thinking, and operating in a low stress environment was keeping their heart level down and remaining calm, cool and collective upon waking up. This was just tying their shoe for them. Business as usual. Keeping in touch with your emotions and anxiety level enables you not only to pass the test to the best of your ability, but it applies to many other parts of life as well.

there’s an interesting book on the body’s reaction to stressors called On Combat by Dave Grossman. At a certain point of threat level, the body’s reaction to life threatening stress is automatic. What is really interesting is that some people basically become super aware, super human, while other’s have their senses completely shut off to save energy for maintaining life (for example with the expectation of receiving a mortal wound). a fascinating look at extreme situations.

BTW if you have a load in the chamber, you will sh!t your pants in a gunfight 100% of the time no matter how many you’ve been in.

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it means if there is sh!t sitting in your colon and a gunfight breaks out, you are guaranteed to sh!t your pants. It is an automatic physiological response to evacuate your bowels in a life threatening situation.

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Pokhim, you’ve gone full yank mate. All the therapy chat and the whole 'I do X because my mother didn’t hug me enough and ‘i do X to escape my feelings’ Never go full yank.

But seriously though, it seems like a good exercise to go through if it helps you connect better with the missus and advance other valuable relationships. Ultimately though, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to all this stuff. Some of us are sensitive wee souls and some of us just navigate through life without really thinking about feelings.

Women want men to be in touch with their emotions and vulnerable only until men actually are those things and then they realise they didn’t want it in the first place.

My dad snuck me into the cinema to see this when I was about 10 years old, it was a 15 certificate in the UK. Only time I ever saw him well up. I remember him telling me that it’s ok to feel emotions and to well up but to never burst out crying.

In anticipation of a gun fight? Nery you are fascinating.

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