South Korea

I’ll be travelling to Seoul in July for 10 days. Recently became single and going with a couple buddies. Anyone have any tips on which area to stay? Looking to do a lot of night life. Can the locals speak English?

Just mention Starcraft and the locals will love you.

Edit: And, while I haven’t been there, I’ve heard from folks that have that you can get by just fine speaking english American.

I think just being a tall white guy means you will get a lot of attention.

Tall white guy who plays Starcraft, Got it.

how did you and your friends pick SK for vacation?

I’m guessing they were stressed out and wanted to be around people who were even more miserable to feel better.

I was in Seoul about two years ago and for the most part the locals do not speak English but as you get closer to the U.S. military base there is a lot of English and reminds me of So. Cal for some reason.

I’d recommend Airbnb – it’s popular there and you can stay in a luxury apartment for cheaper than the cost of a hotel.

I visited Seoul for a week last year and stayed in Myeong-dong using Airbnb. I’d recommend the area – although I think as long as you’re relatively central and nearby to a metro stop it really doesn’t matter all that much.

My biggest advice – make food a priority. You’ll have some amazing meals if you do some research.

Locals do NOT speak English at all. But with technology you can get by with a smart phone/ tablet to have some phrases ready or even use google translate if you get a pocket wifi. That’s my recommendation!

really? locals in seoul doesn’t speak english … huh. not even in teh big city?

You’ll have a great time. Koreans are such drunkards.

You can go clubbing in Gangnam (posh and expensive, but really really nice) or Hongdae (lots of students, hip, funky and reasonably priced) area. Myeongdong is great too (more locals here) but since my trip was paid for, I spent most of my time in Gangnam area.

  • DMZ and the museum they have at the border - DO NOT miss this. Make sure you visit the surrouding villages too. Tourist guides would try to show you just the commercial bits but ask your driver to stop at the villages nearby. I was absolutely gobsmacked to see remains of the war. If you have a smartphone, try to tune into North Korean radio stations, it’s hillarious just to hear the tone of their voice (almost as if they’re declaring war every time they say something).

  • Be careful, very careful with Soju. It’s cheap and you don’t realise how drunk you are till its too late.

  • Locals don’t speak much English. Get a translator app on your phone, it was a great help for me. Ditch the cab and try your hand at the local tube/metro/whatever.

  • Incheon airport is HUGE - on your way back, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time at hand. Esp if you’re taking a budget airline

Food - they have some really weird dishes. Chicken poridge, Ox bone tail soup, etc etc. I Iiked Tofu Stew and kimchi.

I had a grea time in Seoul - I’m sure you guys will have fun. Go with an open mind.

The fried chicken is good…spicy but good.

Not sure what its worth but Anthony Bourdain just did seoul on "parts unknown ". Might be worth watching

Thanks everyone! esp. shootforthestars1

very very few of them do… their english is as good as local japanese.

i’d say you have fun there for a few days, beer and fried/ spicy food, after about 3 days you start to get tired of the same food (at least to me anyway). things are cheap though, but they are also poor quality. if you are a girl who likes buying cosmetics, you will be ecstatic but for guys, i am not sure what to do there? Although i’ve read somewhere that they just opened a sex themed park… may want to check that out?

That’s interesting about the language thing. I only personally know two people that have been to SK and both said they got by fine speaking english. Upon further reflection, their definition of “fine” could have meant they didn’t unintentionally start a Big Trouble in Little China-type street war.

TJCFA chooses Seoul of all places cause he has a sick Asian Fetish

There was this guy I heard about in college who had an actual Asian fetish. He would go around taking pictures of Asian girls in the dorm and put them on this bulletin board. At some point, the dorm staff staged an intervention.

I agree 100% The locals do not speak English and 3.5 days is all you need in Seoul otherwise you get burnt out pretty quickly. I don’t know but for some reason their Metro was really confusing as well.

im surprised you didnt get in bigger toruble for that