SS and Medicare, how much longer?

Yes, the resource base helped Canada, and this meant that a severe recession in the US didn’t result in a super severe recession in Canada. In part that’s because Canadian banks were healthy, and in part that’s because China stimulated and the US stimulated and it drove up the price of resources, particularly oil.

The scenario that’s being talked about here is a complete and utter collapse of the dollar and the US economy so bad that Americans with means will be fleeing the country. I don’t see Canada escaping the repurcussions from that. Sure, the C$ will strengthen, and then Canadian exports will be fantastically expensive. Even the domestic economy will be under pressure because Canadians with means will be importing things.

As finance people we should all know the time to run for the door is before the herd catches a clue and jams the exits in a panic. My theory is that countries are going to start tightening citizenship rules (and already are doing so); nobody wants a bunch of broke Americans flooding their borders. People say “oh it’s fine, maybe in 50yrs it will be a problem” but to me that’s just ego, “it can’t happen to us”, “we are too important to fail”, etc. Everyone has to make their own call, but for me; I’m already f@#$%# gone, citizenship elsewhere is pending, and I ain’t payin’ one more penny into that dying system thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Im going to Thailand, all the muay thai, yellow curry and ladyboys a guy can handle.