Still CFA dreaming

anyone else still having dreams about theories and formulas? they’re driving me nuts.

Yep! Been dreaming about actual test questions and calculating them in my dreams since Saturday night. Somethings wrong with me…

same here, I keep calculating my score.

I see the FSA and stupid Kazakhstan inflation questions every morning. But i am NOT going to look up the answers. How long did it take to get over L1, a few weeks?

I forgot about level 1 right away. I can’t get my stupid mistakes and the terrible questions out of my head. I just want to know that I passed this so I can forget about it.

I used to do currency swap in my sleep. Now probably I will dream about exam results …

I’m still waking up in the night thinking about random formulas, not so much the actual test - most of that day is now just a blur that I’m beginning to tell myself “oh that wasn’t so bad” in a subconscious attempt to calm myself about taking level 3 next year…

dreaming about the missed questions, regretting the blunders committed. Has been tough last couple of days.

dreams of these days: Saturday night: literally re-do the exam questions again; Sunday night: a few questions, some formulas; Monday night: formulas and girl on the cover page of NOTES Tuesday night: nothing

Does anyone have a link to the final topic list? or know off the top of their head? Thanks