Struggling on Schweser Exam Book Vol 7 (Second Book)

Hey Guys, I was averaging 75 on Schweser Vol 6 (1st book). Just took Exam 1 on Vol 7 and averaged 68. This book definately seems tougher. In terms of difficulty, does anybody know if the real exam will be more like Vol 6 or Vol 7?

Had an almost similar story. Also averaged 75 in Book 6. Then took time to work on all the weak areas, the mistakes etc. Came back at book 7 with a vengeance and guess what the scores did not change at all. Scores still varied from 71%-78%. I can say one thing though about the real exam after giving the CFAI mock. The real one is not as lengthy as Schweser book 7.

Kh.asif, Whats your plan of attack from this point on? Just keep hammering questions and practice exams and reviewing the answers?

I think I am done with the mocks and practice Questions. Did schweser book 6 and 7 along with CFAI mock and sample questions. Q-Bank also for specific sections like derivatives, ethics, FSA etc. Now 1. Going through the books once again and emphasizing on the problem areas. 2. Going through selected mistakes that I noted down while solving the mocks and Q-Bank. 3. Going through ethics again. 4. Listing things to memorize and memorizing them. 5. Formula Revision.

Averaged 75% on Schweser Book 7.

all you guys with 70%+ averages made everything sound so easy… i think 90%+ of the people on this forum passes!

I am skeptical, cause doing a mock at my home and at the exam venue might be quite different. It would all depend on how we fare at the crucial time.