Study group in HK for newcomers/retakers for 2009 (early bird)

Just wondering if any of you L3 new comers and retakers (like myself) from Hong Kong would like to form a study group and start in late 08? I need to do something completely different as I don’t know if I could do any better to pass just by using my old methods. Thanks

Hi, Just passed L2 in June. Passed L1 in December. Non-finance background, just graduated in May. What’s your email?

Sure: If we got enough interested people to form a study group, then I would like to kick off in November. Instead of discussing about the LOS, I would like to use the first 1-2 meetings to share my experience with other retakers and newcomers, so that we all have a rough idea of what seems to work better and what not. Asking each other questions is something that I have yet done, and beleive this should add value, because I might think I know the topic inside out, and you can still come to me and ask me something on the same topic that I have no idea what the answer is… knowing the materials is one thing;being able to apply is another. Especially CFAI would throw curve balls at us, so that a simple question would look like something that I have never seen in the entire curriculum, and CFAI is so d_mn good at doing this.