Study hours required

@Muffin, there was a thread on this a few days back - AF seems to have a self-reporting bias that skews “hours I work a week” upward. When people were honest about a typical week, I think most people here work pretty normal hours [40-55 probably covers most people here]. As for study hours required, I’d agree with SFR 100%. 2 hours a weekday, 5 hours a weekend-day. For me, I come home and try to bang out a video lesson [Schweser] and all the supporting questions I can do in a two hour period. For the denser material, this means going back and reading until I understand it well. Weekends, go out for dinner/drinks/whatever, sleep in, but from when I wake up to getting ready to go out again, I spend the bulk of my time doing long study sessions. I shoot for something like 5-7 hours and take breaks every 60-90 minutes to make food, tidy up my room, relax a bit, etc. Overall, my days feel very full, but it actually reduces my stress level as I watch the stack of books I have to work through slowly drop.