Supplier - Texas Instruments BA II Professional

Does anyone know a supplier in Europe, because I can only find it in the US on Amazon, and they aren’t shipping in my country.

You can also find this calculator at Amazon UK website and I believe, they will ship it to any country in Europe.

What country do you live in? Here in the U.S., I drove 30 seconds to Target to get mine ;-)…but it was twice as expensive as it was yesterday :frowning:

I live in Romania, and I also tried, and it doesn’t ship to my country:(. I saw it on for 40 $. I don’t know what to do…


Alex, you should try opening an account with a courier service (such as Pakmail, Mail Boxes Etc) and then have Amazon ship it to that address and then the courier will ship it to your address in Romania. That’s how I did it to get my calculator here in Venezuela.