Survivor's Guide to the CFA Institute Command Words

You know what the official definitions are for CFA Institute’s command words – demonstrate, justify, support, and so on – but do you know what those command words REALLY mean?

Bill’s Survivor’s Guide explains that and much, much more!

The Guide covers all of the command words that have appeared on CFA Institute Level III morning exams for twenty years. It explains how those command words have been used in actual questions, and how to answer questions with each command word to ensure that you get full marks without wasting time. It contains example questions and answers, good and bad, with explanations about why a good answer is good and why a bad answer is bad. It describes not only how to answer questions, but also how not to answer questions.

The Guide details which command words are most common, and contains a cross-reference to questions in the CFA Institute Level III morning exams since 2015. It also describes the most common mistakes that Level III candidates make on the morning exam. Finally, it includes a list of which command words are similar to each other, some of which definitely surprise you.