Thanks to Everyone @ AF

I just want to take a quick second before we all go our separate ways (because we’re all passing) to thank everyone here for the helpfullness and teamwork. AF has been a HUGE help to me in preparing for the exam, and I especially want to thank some of the more knowledgeable ones out there who’ve taken the time to help those of us stragglers along. Thanks again.

This forum has been an invaluable resource in the whole “learning” process. I hope we all PASS :).

Ditto. Thank you everyone, both fellow Dec candidates and those who have already passed L1 -mwvt9 ,hiredguns1 et al. Special thanks to the tireless JDV and supersmart Super1. Time spent here was indeed well spent. I am off ,in a couple of hours, to a foreign country -Thailand-to take the test .The bureaucrats in my home country have managed to prevent the exam from taking place here in India this time around. good luck everyone

Same here, in particular I would like to thank Chebychev. Thanks for all the help.