The cost to relinquish the American citizenship has quintupled

Healthcare in Canada will be so much different by the time you retire. I doubt the system could survive the current and future wave of baby boomers. The private sector will inevitably play a bigger role in healthcare in the future.

What can the IRS do in this situation if she never plans to set foot in the US? Is it even worth it for the IRS to deploy time and resources to go after a broke granny?

No. It’s like the NIIT. Good, bad, or indifferent, it’s probably here to stay.

And my .02 - all taxes are bad, Add NIIT to the list of “least bad” taxes.

Marry someone first, charge them $3000 for a green card, renounce your ciizenship and walk away with $700 profit.

Make sure you know each other’s toothbrush color though–hear the interview process is gruelling. (They really do ask 'what is your spouse’s toothbrush color?)

^ Isn’t there a certain period of time you have to be married to keep the green card?

Maybe? I asked one of my friends who just got divorced (her ex husband was a citizen and she got a green card from him) about the same thing, but I think as long as you can prove it’s not a fake marriage, once you get it it’s yours?

I believe there is a documentary film about this topic starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

You forgot Jessica Biel’s bottom.

^major butterface. Like fergie.

She has a face?