The Future of Connecticut

Slate and breitbart? Cmon black swan!

I just googled Connecticut corporate tax filtered for news and posted two links for supporting info. Honestly, it’s not a cutting edge topic. If they get their facts straight then I don’t differentiate.

My post was tied into Aetna leaving - Travelers will be the next company to follow this path. What truly concerns me is the pension has a funded status (assuming a 7.5% growth rate) of 35% despite the market hitting all time highs. What will happen if/when the market crashes and the baby boomer generation are all forced into early retirement?

Yeah, I don’t follow the situation too closely. Seems like they screwed the pooch.

Pension fund status in most US states are significantly deficient if you use what corporates use, politicians are just kicking this down the road until something needed to be done since they won’t get reelected if they touch pension in any way, shape or form.

Also in Washington Post. Does that suit you more rawraw?

Poorly constructed pensions are going to bankrupt states and increase taxpayer burdens all over the country. The officials who oversaw these rules should be jailed for negligence or for misleading the public. It’s such a big issue.

Gutless politicians gave the public employee unions whatever they wanted because the unions give them all the money. Disgraceful.

Firemen are mobsters with good p.r.


I think there’s a very blase mentality about government spending among people my age (there’s always room for a little more) that comes from widespread access to easy credit without significant experience understanding the long term implications of leverage. As a result, the negative implications of government finances either elude their understanding or seem less tangible and immediate than the benefits of the spending which are easier to grasp, causing the country to spend more on every level.