The Q Thread

“Baseless” - decide for yourself

Wikileaks - compromised just before the tweet quoted here. Nobody follows the Wikileaks twitter anymore because everyone knows it was hacked when Assange’s internet access was cut off.

Susie Dawson - bought and paid for trying to put fear in the hearts of PATRIOTS.

These are all deep state tactics to corral the masses who don’t know any batter and who submit to “authority” without questioning or doing the work to come to their own conclusion. Don’t be a sheep!

As much as I generally dislike WashPo, this is actually a really good article on Q. Please read.

Edit: TIL Turd is what’s called a “baker.”

Attacks right on Q (get it?). so much effort expended on a LARP.

wow, STL calls this filth a “really good article”. You are hereby banned from this thread.

BTW I’m not a ‘baker’ whatever the fukk that is. Nobody has ever used that term.

^Read the article you posted at the same time I did (we twinsies!). Q spits out random crap and the patriots that disseminate it to the masses are called bakers. You are, quite literally, a baker.

im now picturing turd like this. thanks for the post STL

i read the article dipsh!t and was posting it same time you did. nobody uses the term ‘bakers’ except the fuktard who wrote this article.

There are ANONS who do a good job interpreting the messages. I am not one of those. I do pass along my analysis of the situation based on the many interpretations and many other sources of info. That info gets passed through my intuition filter through intense meditation and inner work and if it resonates, it is true. Mosaic b!tch.

I’m not sure what to make of you STL. A guy like you should be giddy with anticipation for the Great Reset that is happening on every front across the globe. Maybe you’re embarrassed to show it because you think it’s too early and the crowd hasn’t realized it yet. That’s ok I guess. Some aren’t suited to stand on their own and take the criticism.

BTW that’s my memaw and pa in that picture.

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It’s a script and it’s already over because the truth never loses.

Image result for ghandi first they laugh at you

that’s better. you can stay.

^Gandhi was a well known pedo. Interesting you post a quote from him…

i see this a lot on here, especially from Yayy – dismiss the information solely on the basis of the source and not whether or not the information rings true. sad.

whats ironic about that statement turd, is that you of all people shoot down any & all info from sources you deem not valid. then you post from madeupsh* something about obama personally sodomizing young boys on the white house lawn in broad daylight.

also you got mighty pissy about the story calling people bakers… just chop your pony tail a little shorter and wear some more wolf t shirts bruh

It’s a fine quote. I was just pointing out that Gandhi was a pedo and it’s ironic that you’d reference him.

FACT: Gandhi got a 14 year old pregnant.

FACT: He slept with naked underage girls to test his fortitude.

FACT: Some were related to him so add incest into the mix.

Always…no, no…never forget to check your references.

This is SO AWESOME. They’re hanging themselves. Thanks Today Show! Here’s what’s going to happen. People are going to start looking up Sarah Ashcraft (Hanks -, Isaac Kappy, and what happened to Heather O’Rourke (Spielberg) and make up their own minds.

This is all collective consciousness preparation for when the indictments hit the mainstream. If it wasn’t handled this way, people would instinctively turn violent because their world view is being shattered.

Notice also that the same incidents are always cited to show “real world consequences” of these crazy theories. Each of them was a deep state op whose purpose was exactly to be able to point to them when trying to hold back this tsunami.



With Higgs gone, you’re the only one that gets my quotes.

Have to share this, on point. ‘You won’t stop them’. wow.

cant stop, wont stop?

eh eh, eh eh

^loves the D.