The Ultimate CFA Exam Study Plan

Panicked about passing Level III? Follow this checklist to set up an efficient study plan to help you pass all of your CFA® exams.

To develop YOUR personalized study plan, consider the following checklist:

🀆 Set up your study space. You want to study in a well-lit environment with minimal distractions. Put your phone away…it is the devil. Buy reams of paper to practice problems and boxes of your favorite pens that you will use - up to, and including on, exam day.

🀆 Block out your time. Daily, weekly, monthly, weekends included. Stick to it. Typically two weeknights for 3-4 hours and one solid weekend day. If you can review during lunches at work or downtime all the better. Target 20-25 hours per week until the exam. Build time for watching Videos, and for taking a Bootcamp.

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