Your score is right on the bubble, in the gray zone. In many years it would be a pass. You should have a big advantage in 09 compared to the new L3 folks who have no idea what they are in for

Book 7 of Schweser did a great job of showing how to answer past actual AM sections with bullet points. The CFAI suggested answers were totally misleading. BSAS’s mock exam also used the short bullet point format. If I had to study for this exam again I would have spent a lot more time practicing writing bullet points for the AM session. It was a speed test. CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yah, guess I should do that. And maybe switch to > bullet pts on essays???

Stay away from the Star Wars marathon on FX and you’ll do fine. On a serious note, I was shocked to see you failed. Looks like you have been given some great advice. Enjoy the rest of '08 and kick it’s a$$ in '09. As oc4cfa said, you are right on the bubble. A few more hanging chads in your favor and you would have passed.