Things I could buy with LULU's market cap

Yeah, I get that. Good point. We had this in India. When I got here 6 years ago they didn’t really sell underarm deoderant.

Now suddenly they are even selling “fairness cream that fights sweat.”

perhaps its not a fad and here to stay, but valuation is still too high…their FCF yield is close to 100X…they only way to get the growth justified is through China and other emerging markets…perhaps they can do it…but not putting money on that happening…

Agree, this, much like AAPL, was a buy in 2007.

Earnings is coming up. I’m loading up on Puts and Calls. I’ll be skewed towards the puts of course, but I do expect they will most likely guide upwards.

9 percent drop yesterday. Word up bitches! That’s 20 percent drop since I started shorting.

almost made up for you 30% lost on facebook…

My conditional offer on FB shares was 28 $ and was not filled so no loss whatsoever there. In fact I made money being short Zynga and LNKD.

So Tikka is the one manipulating LULU stock lately? That SOB

Ok folks. It’s at 57 dollars a share now, down from 80 where I bought puts on it for september. Thank you Jesus! 200 percent return on the puts.

How are you feeling about this trade? Going to stay in until September?

Well I shorted it at above 75 so I feel pretty about about it. My put options are way up as well. I could call it a day but I think this thing could drop quite a bit more.

Good luck

I would take my money at this point, but thats just me.

really, this thing hasn’t cratered yet? I could crater.

I went to a Yoga class last night. About 30 women in the class. Thats probably $5,000 in LULU revenue in one room.

no doubt lulu hasa great brand, just not 50x+ p/e…