This is not good probably.

Then why did the lobby push for the Pentagon to apply this to all positions rather than the combat positions that made sense? Also, I fully reject your premise based on lack of evidence.

For me a concern is that filtering out women candidates through training from a pool with lower physical capabilities is going to have a lower success rate and therefore incur a higher cost per successful trainee.

Basically like mining a lower ore content region.

Ohai beat me to it, but I figure that if the Marines were willing to try to recruit me, there must be a lot of women candidates that are perfectly qualified to fight as Marines.

It’s true that in the grit of one on one armed combat, women average as physically weaker, but they also seem to have greater pain tolerance on average. Obviously there are situations where that physical strength is essential, but it’s not clear to me that in a technological age, all combat requires this. However, admittance to senior levels (colonels and generals) usually requires combat experience, which seems to shut out women.

Imagine it this way, you are weighing 150 lbs with a bullet in your leg with the enemy closing in and your fellow combatant shows up to help you out, except he is 180 lbs, not only he can carry you but also can fight effectively.

Having females in your troop can be beneficial in many ways.

We gotta think long term guys. Lets say the same scenario happened above but they later had a baby. This baby was so badass that he destroyed the whole army they were fighting at age 8.

Having females in your troop can be beneficial in many ways.

No, you can have 150 lb men but they’re still able to carry more and perform better. At any weight, men statistically have a greater strength to weight ratio. It’s a fact. There is literally no scenario where it is beneficial. The studies have shown this. You’ve essentially described a dependent who benefits at the cost of their comrades. Obviously, as an individual brainwashed by society you can believe this relatioship somehow benefits the unit.

People watch to much TV and forget the role that lifting heavy objects and carrying equipment plays in combat.

  1. Greater pain tolerance has not been proven or demonstrated. 2) Women are significantly are weaker on average. The marines themselves fought against inclusion of women based on their experience with combat, you know as marines. But hey, lets just postulate hypotheticals about life in Narnia…

I don’t think the Black Hawk Down scenario is realistic. Those units may now be open for women, but there is still a selection which few men can pass, much less women. For conventional units, maybe, but if any army has the resources to integrate women, it’s the U.S. army. Plus we will all be fighting in exoskeletons soon…

You seem awfully emotionally invested in this topic BS.

I think it’s extremely wrong for political agendas to enforece this burden on fighting groups that are opposing it based on their experience with warefare and studies that reinforce this. You’re basically pushing life and death costs on people who are already sacrificing so much so that you can feel PC. To me that is a very serious mistep.

Just wait until your wife starts thinking about having another child… :wink:

Political correctness.

There is no evidence yet as the law has just been implemented.

But do you honestly think there will be tons of 120 pound women anxiously applying for combat positions? Maybe I am drinking a cool aid but I can’t imagine this happening.

You know generals are going to get involved personally in integration…

Yeah, but to my earlier point you are still obligated to attempt to train them (very expensive) if they apply at a much higher failure rate which strains budgets further. So even if you get the odd 1 or 2 successful candidates your taking money from further training and equipment budgets while politicians also try to simultaneously cut expenditures. Seems not ideal.

Being open to qualified female candidates is not the same as having quotas for them. Presumably people still have to be physically qualified, and many men fail hose qualifications too. Although I can understand your concern that this will quickly degenerate into quotas, at which point I will agree with you more.

Yeah, after I watched her go from screaming to sipping juice and flipping through channels once the epidural went in it was hard to buy the child birth argument in the post epidural age.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it’s implimented.

Very low brow of you