This is the most blatant romance novel title

“Tamed by the Billionaire (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series)”

Huh what? Doesn’t this title practically give away the whole plot? There is a whole series of these books?

I was searching for unrelated things, by the way.

Porn for women. If you want to know what women really fantasize about, read a book out of that series (or similar).

Well, based on this book, I will guess that women fantasize about being tamed… by a billionaire…

That is in fact what they fantasize about. A stunningly charming and handsome billionaire over 6 ft who will commit to them and them only and be a good father who is also a bad boy (but not in any emotionally damaging way). Bonus points if he rides a motorcycle.

In other words, pretty realistic stuff.

It is news that women are attracted to rich handsome, successful, and powerful men?

Take a stroll through the Montammy golf club in Alpine, NJ and count the number attractive women you see in an hour. Then swim accross to Yonkers and do the same. $$ always gets the good looking women in higher proportion

On an unrelated note Montammy needs to add 4 more Har tru courts and have more USTA events.

i agree…i have been trying to be cool going to higher end places and the babes are way classier…