time periods in IPS

this is a bit of a lazy question although i’ve read thru alot and done many questions. how do you delineate what’s an actual important time period in time horizon? i have seen large inheritances in chunks and they weren’t given their own time horizon. is funding children’s education a key time horizon? seems like it i did see the one year until the athlete retired as a time horizon? sorry, this is lazy, but it doesn’t seem to be laid out very well… and sorry, for the wording, time horizon probably isn’t correct.

I think as long as you say “long-term” (assuming the person isn’t 80+) and “multi-stage” (assmuing the person isn’t retired with no changes coming other than death) you will get at least 2/3 of the points. My personal rule is that anything that materially changes income or expenses is a stage. If I’m unsure, I don’t give it a stage but mention it in Unique.