Time to short X?

Don’t do what I do, just watch me do it…will short again at the open today (at $191+), and will buy to cover at $180-185 next 10 days or so.

Check out the action today.

Nice! Well done.

Buying some puts at the beginning of the week would have turned some nice profits not that 15% isn’t awesome.

I hope I don’t over do it!!! Usually after an action like this, this stock is going to the $100 range rather soon, like before end of summer. Shorting again at $160.

For those following this, get ready to cover just below $110 any time now.

You the man - great trade!

Joey, some believe that steel will recover quickly citing China’s and India’s unwaning demand for a few more years…etc, this is causing me to want to cover now and go long till the $130 range before shorting again.

short companies that go bankrupt…

covered and went long at $109-$110 range.

Well done!