To do MBA or NOT


I dont have experience in Finance industry and all my 12 years are in IT industry and Medical services Industry (CT/MRI installation/service). I wrote my level 2 this year and also doing my Modelling training from Wallstreetprep. I understand that getting into the industry is extremely tough. I networking with people a lot and have some leads into the industry.

I cannot afford to do a full time MBA because I have a young family to support and have running mortgages as well. But I have really reached a stage where I badly want some college experience and that back to school feeling - atleast a part time MBA which gives me that feeling would be fine as well? Would you advice me to do a Partime MBA? If yes, could you suggest some university or courses? Your advice/suggestions would be invaluable to me… Thank you!

If you can ill afford to put aside the disposable income to pursue an MBA, I think you would be much better suited dedicating the hours you would have spent towards your MBA to interviewing, cold-calling, networking and internships / freelance work.

It’s not conventional, but that’s why it’s effective.

Thank you USJ2. I will try these a bit more vigorously, hopefully something comes up :slight_smile: