To dye or not to dye?

That is the question.

My wife recently informed me that there is more salt than pepper in the my hair these days.

Should I remedy that situation? Or accept it as a sign of my manliness and wear it proudly like armor?

When life hands you avacados… Guacamole!

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wear it proudly. everybody knows your old already. there is no point in pretending!

Kojak it?

Accept it and adjust your hairstyle / wardrobe to flaunt it. One of my co-workers dyed his hair and it came out literally terrible. It was an almost Trump shade of orange. Then, rather than shave that abomination and start over, he just lived with it until it washed out. All on his wife’s recommendation.


Go with the silver-haired fox look!!!


After thinking hard I don’t blame you if you dye your hair. Isn’t that why we work out? Or why I use rogaine. Or even dress up. We should always try to look like our better selves.

If you decide to dye it, it must be done really well! Very few things look more pathetic than a botched dye-job!

Botched plastic surgery leaps to mind.

au naturel. a lot of women like the salt and pepper look better than dyed hair. ask your wife and if she says she’s down with the gray, you don’t have a decision to make. mine is pining for the day i go gray. i think she might be into older dudes…

Someone once said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “all men will dye, not every man truly lives.” So, I say no to the dye job. Also, start walking to work and the weight will come off.

Valar morguolis. Valar doheiris. Pretty sure khaleesi dyed her hair.

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Play it as it lies man. Chicks dig the silver. Just buy a Tesla instead and you’ll be cheating on your wife in no time.

Too poor to buy a Tesla… I’ll drive 1 in 10 years I think. My benz will be dead prolly!

What about a bald patch? Play it as it lies or hide it under a comb over? Knocking on wood here, my dad has a full head of hair but my uncle went bald in his 40s. My hairline is still in tact but my brother’s has begun to recede.


I say combover in that instance. I’m actually favouring that at this very moment. Mines more of a side combover to hide the cul de sac, in addition to the gray. I dyed once and never again. Everybody noticed it the minute I walked in the door lol. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how gray you actually are.

yikes my hair is getting thin. it makes me sad. i comb it to cover it up. but at some point soon. i will have to shave or get a hair transplant. lol

In West Texas? That’s about as sexy as driving a Prius.

nah a prius is really beta. tesla is sexy. can confirm.