transcripts from the potash call.

Whew, $67 now. Who got the smackdown now?

Yep exactly, CEO’s like that are idiots.

So you guys are blaming the CEO for a global economic slowdown? Willy

Nah, I don’t think its the slowdown: There’s plenty of potash – nearly 300 years of known reserves at current consumption rates, according to the International Fertilizer Association. The current combined market cap of the three large North American producers (POT, AGU and the US’ Mosaic) is bigger than the value of all the potash ever sold in the history of the world (or, at least, in the roughly 100 years of available records).

I just thought I’d dig this thread up out again out of spite for this childish CEO. Now $87.87 after a 52 week high of $241.62 and a low of $47.54.

Guys, guys, guys, you need to have experience with the Saskatchewanites. Then you’ll understand