Two MBA programs - ATTN NUMI

I agree, have also never heard of scholarships for MBA programs. I would also not risk pissing anyone off. Just choose the best one and be happy to be in this position.

I know there was at least one lass in my rusty hacksaw program who was there on a fellowship.

Like most said here, the school won’t kick you out for asking, but it’s unlikely you would get anything out of them unless you’re considered in their top 5% of candidates.


An average dude with very limited skillset and zero personality just got into Booth. Not sure if MBA applicants are drying up or if Booth really is overrated…

Regardless, CFA > MBA.

What the hell man, that was harsh.

Oh I realized my mistake… I mean a colleague of mine who is an average dude not CT lol.

Twist: applicant was admitted to up Booth’s virgin population.

Not sure if CT is has “limited skillset” or not, but definitely would not define him as “zero personality”.

Also, does not seem like he is going to Chicago. He wants to do an exchange program from another school.

Yeah, I actually thought you were talking about me zero. Haha.

Because the strength of Wharton’s campus recruiting totally destroys Booth’s

Wharton MBA > CFA

Hmm, well, I guess that’s your view. US news, likes Wharton more, Business week and economist favor Booth. Seems pretty split. Anyhow, I chose Booth and didn’t even apply to Wharton. Primarily because I did a quantitative masters at Villanova, and met enough Wharton chumps through networking and case comps to be underwhelmed by their skillset and awwed by their overall douchiness. I just never really liked the culture.

Swan, you got into Booth?

Not taking away anything from you:

US News is the premier ranking people use for these rankings, I didn’t even know economist had one actually.

Wharton does generate some dbags being Ivy League and rank 1, but I would happily endure the culture if it opens better doors for me. After all, MBA is just a conduit to a better thing. It’s not an end-all.

I would not work at a company with a terrible culture, but school? that’s ok