Using a new offer to get a raise/promotion


how can u negotiate extra PTO unless its a small company, dont all large joints have strict rules?

Thanks guys!

This company (and I believe others) have a schedule with # of weeks per year based on years with the company, but there is a asterick that says they may grant additional time based on prior experience. So I told them in my counter offer, you offer X weeks of PTO. I currently get X + 2 weeks. So they offered X +1 which I think is reasonable, plus there you accrue 1 more day with each year of experience, where as my current employer, everybody gets the same amount from day 1. So I’ll get back to where I am now that much faster.

Think about it, it’s an easy way for them to sweeten the compensation. If you’re salaried they’re still paying you the same regardless. Just gotta get work done.

^ well done

So I put in my 2 weeks notice this afternoon. After finding out that I was going to a competitor, I was promptly told that today would be my last day and I would be paid out the two weeks. So now I have 2 weeks paid vacation, on top of the 4 weeks of vacation I’ve already had this year.

I anticipated this, so I had cleared out my desk this weekend with nobody around. Easy peasy.

respect, one step closer to BSD. my company does the same 1 day and ur out thing when leaving

I’ve never been cut lose after notice, unfortunately. But I’ve cut the two guys on my team who have quit after a day or so. Wrap up some things, get the work handed over and punted out. Enjoy the two weeks off. Recharge for the next gig.

Thanks! I’ve got a long weekend in Arizona with my dad planned for this weekend, since he’s coming down from Canadaland. It was originally a Friday PM to Monday AM trip given vacation constraints, but is now Friday AM to Tuesday PM trip since I don’t actually have a job to go to, despite being officially employed through the end of next week. I could almost get used to this… many of my coworkers were pretty surprised. The not clueless ones had me in the unofficial pool of “next to quit”.


That’s great - enjoy the two weeks off buddy

well done, sir.

god bless the free market.

Yo KK, Respect.

It’s posters like you that make the AF Brethren Proud.

Now enjoy the two weeks off, recharge, and enter your new employer with the pedal to the metal!

KrazyKanuck, I’ve always wanted to ask you. You are Canadian but you work in the US. How did you get your first job anyways? Did you apply online and the company handled all the visas or whatever? Or did you get an American citizenship already?

^ I went to university in the US, and got my first job through campus recruiting. That company got my H1B visa, thankfully in a year there was relatively little demand (now they cap out immediately once the filing window opens and there is no guarantee you’ll get one). I’m going to have to get a green card one way or another in the next couple years though. From what my company immigration lawyers have told me, being Canadian is a benefit here because while you still have to go through the same BS as any other country, the US imposes limits on the number of green cards that can be issued to citizens of any given country. No country’s citizens can take more than x% per year (7% i think) and since Canada doesn’t have a huge number of citizens relative to other countries, you don’t have to sit in a queue for too long. Conversely if you’re from China or India, you can sit in a queue for up to, or more than a decade before you get your GC even though you’ve completed the whole rest of the process because there are just so damn many of them!

Finding employers that are willing to deal with visa sponsorship is more art than science, and once you get the initial one it’s really not that big of a hassle.

^ Thanks for that post, its helpful. Getting tired of earning my salary in worthless loonies.

So my two weeks of paid leave comes to an end today, coincidently is also pay day at former employer and I received my normal direct deposit.

In the past two weeks, I’ve played 4 rounds of golf, taken a long weekend trip to hang with my dad for the first time in nearly a year, had off the record happy hours with a couple of co-workers, and accomplished what would have normally been a month worth of errands.

That being said, I’m quite happy to be headed back to work on Monday. Back to normal (whatever that is), and ready to hit the new challenge with everything I’ve got!

Now to email HR since they are under the incorrect assumption that I don’t have any accrued PTO I’m due. I think I have 1 day and I’m going to remind them they owe me for that.

You SOB. Congrats on the new gig. Back to the grind

since CvM is no longer with us: “go get em lil cubbie!”

I recommend you be as gracious as possible and let them know what you’ve been offered very generally (no need to mention company names, , etc). Tell them that you've been presented with an opportunity that is far more in-line with the value you are creating for the firm, and that while you're intrigued by the opportunity, you also really enjoy your current position and want to find a way to make things work. Be very specific about the roles, responsibilities and you are seeking. Should hopefully be at least 15-20% above your alternative offer since, why not? Might as well leverage hard while you can. Prepare for them to say no and in your mind be ready to walk out if you have to, but chances are if you’re a good employee they’ll want to keep you as long as you can especially based on the circumstances you’ve outlined.

The basic thing not to do is to be rude, aggressive, cocky, etc. – but just come at it more as like, you got offered this other role and it was practically handed to you, and while you like your current role you feel somewhat confounded why the value you feel like you bring doesn’t seem to align with what you’re being paid. And now that you have another compelling offer in hand, you want to your present employer to get on the same page now or you’ll go elsewhere.

great phrasing and perspective

remember numi’s words …