UWorld - A Platform Built for an All Digital Experience

The UWorld (https://bit.ly/2YADeDy) platform was built to be an All-digital interface allowing you to study at your convenience using your favorite devices, even on the go.

Take a look at some of the high-level features:

  1. Calculator Keystrokes in Real Time

    We show the calculator keystrokes for solving complex equations

  2. Customizable Exams

    A web-based tool to easily create unlimited practice tests

  3. Intuitive Performance Graphs

    Monitor personal progress and performance as you work through the material

  4. 1,900+ instructive questions

    Modeled after the exam blueprint

  5. Comprehensive explanations

    Detailed rationales for all answer options

  6. Performance and improvement tracking

    Conveniently track your study progress

Key Features of the UWorld App:

  1. Documents that you have access to on the App are synchronized with your current registration with UWorld.

  2. Your login is the same as what you log in with at www.uworld.world.

  3. If you are not currently registered on www.uworld.com, we recommend starting on our website before downloading the App. Then you can log into your app using your same login credentials. (See link below)

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