Villanova Masters of Finance

I’m from PA and now live in NJ, and have never worked/ attended school outside those regions and was wondering what kind of reputation if any Villanova has outside PA / NJ? Should I be looking elsewhere, or are they pretty legit?

Villawhat? All I know about them is that some guy from there posts identical threads on multiple forums on this board asking if they are “legit”. I’d say it don’t bode well for them…

they’re top 20!!! (in basketball)

gangrel Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Villawhat? All I know about them is that some guy > from there posts identical threads on multiple > forums on this board asking if they are “legit”. > I’d say it don’t bode well for them… Relax, I just have to make a decision in a short period of time and am trying to get as many responses as possible. I’m sorry “legit” is not up to par with you’re highness.

Just post on general, then you won’t piss people off.

Sorry but Villanova sucks. Wharton or Stern are the only real programs around here.

They’re quite legit if you want to stay in Philly or NY area. Unfortunately, not much recognition beyond.

According to Business week in 2007 Villanova ranked 11th in Part time MBA programs. What the criteria is I have no idea. As far as full time goes I doubt it cracks the top 200. OMGWTF, Not everyone can get into Wharton or Stern. I am pretty sure he knows it’s not a top 5 MBA program.

Give the guy a break. BlackSwan, Truthfully, Villanova doesn’t have the greatest reputation outside PA…that is, when you compare it to the likes of Wharton or Harvard. It’s a reputable school that is closer to the top than it is middle of the pack. Where do you want to work? Hell, if you want to stay in PA/NJ than Villanova is a fine choice. What were your grades in college? What do you do now? Do you want to leave the NJ/PA area? Ask yourself these questions.

Black Swan. From a West Coast perspective, LA, San Diego, and San Fran it doesn’t have a good or bad reputation. Right in the middle. I have bumped into some people our here that attended and probably do some networking and may have an alumn network. In there companies I’m sure it has a really good rep.

what about fordham MBA ?

fordham MBA is good for part time or if don’t want to leave the city. It’s at an an entirely different level when compared to Columbia or NYU. They’re law school has a little more swagger.

I graduated top of my class in finance at Nova in 2004. I’m from CA - opportunities coming out of school were excellent in NY, Charlotte, Phila, DC, etc…but not so much on the west coast, partly b/c of location and timing. Having said that, the alumi groups are large and very well connected. I had no problem gaining access to alumni groups in Chicago, SF, Seattle, etc…But, great school and reputation in East. It’s #18 in the Masters program Nationally. Can’t speak for the MFA program, but from what I heard it’s very finance driven, as opposed to other schools which are econ based. Undergrad was very finance driven. Any specific questions, let me know. Adrian

Thanks for the input guys, its not an easy decision, and I would die to be able to go to NYU or UPenn. However, my dad owns a business and partway through college, there were some difficulties and I came back home to go to school, and work full time to help. Until the dust settled and things were straightened out, I graduated with a 2.5 GPA due almost entirely to attendence. My GMAT was a 700 even, and I passed Level I on 2 months of studying due to a job change in early fall. During the short break before results came back, I obtained my CMA designation. So the issue I think was fairly clearly not one of academic potential, however, I feel fairly confident that the 2.5 gpa will block me from well known schools just like it blocked me from Ibanking. My goal is simply to get into Villa or a comparable school and make things right with my GPA and see where I am after that. And with regards to schools within my range, I believe Villa is the best suited for what I need, all the more so because the MF is 12 months.

Hmmm… I don’t think you mentioned a GPA remediation problem as a motivation for going there. You’re right that you probably can’t go to Stern or Wharton with a 2.5 GPA. You’re also right that a 4.0 from 'Nova would go a long way toward putting the 2.5 in the distant past. Go Cats! (and get the DVD of the 1985 National Championship game and watch Patrick Ewing get smoked).

With a 700 on the GMAT, good letters, good recommendations, volunteer work, and a well crafted story about your work experience - you’re in NYU’s part-time program no problem. Don’t sweat the GPA, most people at NYU part-time have GMATs well under yours.

Yeah, I didn’t bring it up because its a painful point with me. Sorry about that. Plus I figure now that they’re missing Westbrook on the football team they’re looking for some new talent. I hear slow AND scrawny is what they’re looking for these days.