Volume vs. Shares Outstanding

I was curious to know how a stock (LLBT in particular) can have volume of 97.7 million, but only have 10.4 million shares oustanding? Thank you!

Simply put, a share can change hands more than once in a given day.

I understand that, but if 90% of the trading (on LLBT) was done at .0002, that most likely was the ask price, so no one appeared to be selling. Am I wrong in that assumption?

It’s a very strange day of trading, that’s for sure. I can’t tell you who was buying and selling, but may I ask why you care about this penny stock?

I’ve been following them for several years and I feel they have a great product that hopefully will be introduced to the market sometime in 2008.

are they legit? have you visited them or done any real dd?

My boss owned ~1.5 million shares before they did the 1:1600 reverse split, and ended up selling at the end of last year. Not sure what he based the sale on, but I would imagine something significant seeing how the lot sold for $0.01 after fees.