Want to Become a Certified Financial Analyst? Start the FMVA Program

How is the FMVA program different?
The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® program is a practical certification that has been tailored to offer the most realistic hands on learning experience for financial analysts. Unlike theory-based learning, Corporate Finance Institute’s highly interactive courses seamlessly integrate financial theory with real-world application. By including many market-oriented experiences in each course, students maintain a high level of focus and in turn enhance overall conceptual knowledge of key areas of financial analysis.
Courses come with lifetime access and focus on applicable Excel skills required for financial modeling, valuation, financial planning and analysis, and strategy. By providing unlimited access, students can take each course at their own pace and use each lesson like a professional reference resource for the rest of their career

Can Online Courses Really Help Me Become A Financial Analyst?
Yes, upon completion of the FMVA certification, you will have a new designation to upgrade your resume and practical skills to improve your likelihood of future job opportunities.
Enrolling hundreds of thousands every year from all over the world, there is one shared goal among many CFI students:

  • Close the skill gap between formal education and what’s required to be a world-class financial analyst.

What is driving these numbers?
Job market competitiveness.
More importantly, employers are looking for financial analysts who are dedicated to continuously improving their skills and committed to completing professional certificates.
In addition, the FMVA is endorsed by the Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS). This group of industry experts from across the world, schedule quarterly board meetings to audit CFI programs.
By allowing the GCFS board to analyze program courses, it can be said with confidence, that the FMVA program ensures the highest level of industry relevancy and that standards are consistently met on a global level.

Is the FMVA program really worth it?
Take one look at the Corporate Finance Institute Trustpilot or LinkedIn reviews and you can see first hand how valuable CFI courses really are to past students.

  • “I found Corporate Finance Institute by accident and it has proved to be one of the most educational resources I have ever discovered on the internet”
  • " I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to sharpen their technical skills in a more practical way."
  • “One of the best practical courses I have ever taken.”

If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge in financial analysis with advanced knowledge, real-world analysis skills, and career confidence, then yes, the FMVA program is worth every cent.

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