What advice would you give someone who is 21 and graduating soon?

its sad. all i can think of telling him is to keep trying. but im pretty sure no one is hiring. he’s a business information system graduate?
wwyd if u were in his position?

Well, if he wants to get noticed and rich in life, he’ll obviously need a CFA.

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Go to graduate school.

I’d enjoy a little down time honestly. If he’s just graduating and is 21 years old he deserves a break before signing off his next 30+ years. Like you said, nobody’s hiring now anyways. When I was 21 I took a 3 month trip across Europe and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Came back and been grinding ever since.

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^that actually is one of my regrets. i was emplyoed before i even graduated. they literally had to fly me back to my school just to grad walk then fly out again.
i thought of grad school. buts that a huge investment. on something he aint 100% sure of. like he dfoesnt even kno if he lieks the major.
i told him to just take programming courses. but is there anything easy and cheap that he can do?
also the dude doesnt have a cover letter and has not done an interview yet. i told him to focus on that. he also just got laid off at his part time. and has no collected his unemployment. how crazy is that. get that free money honey.

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Yeah, I’d take a year off and see the world. Assuming he can afford it.

I feel bad for my generation but for the 20-25 year olds out there the situation is a total nightmare. Where I’m from, 25%-30% of my generation have a job that matches their major and education level. The younger generation will be even worse off. We might see quite a bit of Occupy XYZ in the future!

Most of full stack web dev kind of things can be picked up pretty easily by someone who isn’t a total moron.His major gives the illusion that what he studied is relevant to programming so he can B.S . If he has the time/commitment send me a PM and I could point him in the right direction on what programming courses he should take and what he should not.
If he treats this like a full time job I could argue that he “may” have job ready skills in around 6 months.

I was in a really tough spot after graduating… I think the best advice is to keep learning after graduating, go to the library, when they open again, and read books, the news, anything that seems interesting. Don’t spend a ton of time watching TV or netflix.

“A true champion can adapt to anything”. He might end up doing something that’s in demand that has nothing to do with what he studied in school but it’s super hard to get a shot a something like that if you don’t put the work in first.

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Tell him to relax, this will pass, enjoy the free time because once career starts long blocks of free time are impossible to have. Hop on some $10 flights. I graduated in 2009 into finance which was far worse within the specific field, if you’re good you’ll be fine, just keep your cool, keep a level head and work your way through it.

One of my friends did it right, when we graduated he went and was a ski bum in Colorado for a few months, didn’t stress, kept applying, got a call for a job and came back to NYC after maximizing his down time. Don’t set yourself up for regret wishing you’d just relaxed and not let the uncertainty ruin an opportunity.

i told him to hustle. its what i did. but honestly i took a job i didnt want. did a year doing something i didnt really care about just to have something i nmy resume.
i rmemeber when i was 22, there was ppl around my age wit hsame major from ok schools that were working as low level retail at dept stores. they were struggling to find a job and this was 2012. i wonder what that kid is doing now.
anyways imo u want to be ahead of your class. it gets pretty stressful if u get ur job kinda late. but the issue is if there is no one hiring, then what is the point. ur just wasting ur time. i dunno. i used to tell my fellow hyenas to holler. it does not matter how hot she is. or how low the probability. shoot your shot and if it dont work out. settle for less! but imo he has to give it a go. you cant just say nahhhh no one is doing it. even just doing an application is a success imo.

“What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end.”

― Warren Buffett
its actually paraphrased from niccola machiabelli.

Learn to code. I’d also see if there are any cheap countries handling this well and go visit them

yea he can code. but not well. honestly he seems so confused. when i was his age. i knew what i wanted to do already.