What brokers do people use?

TradeKing? Scottrade? Zecco?


Arent they twice as expensive?


As an employee of Lehman, er, Barclays Capital I have no choice for other brokers. Crappy rules or some sh*t. But I do get Fidelity’s silver membership which is $11 commission per trade. If I trade over a certain number I become a gold member. The commission then is $6 or $7. I like their research and analysis.


I do Interactive Brokers, but I trade fairly infrequently. Trade King was my second choice and might have been better for my needs. I also have a full service Broker at Smith Barney, mostly for historical reasons.

amtd and bac

Zecco and Trade King (Zecco has unlimited free trades this month pretty cool). I’m in my early 20s and don’t have any need for a premium broker and Zecco and TK fit my needs well.

op express, thinking of going to think or swim when I have some more money

thinkorswim canada!

I use Fidelity. I think I have gold membership since equity trades are 8 bucks I think…


OptionsXpress & Schwab. Prefer OptionsXpress but old IRA is with Schwab and have been too lazy to move it… need to do so at some point.