What is so useful of Analyst Forum

ohai Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This site has been useful in helping me decide > between CFA and MBA. Also, it has great info about > how to transfer from IT in India to FO. This reply alone makes this site useful.

Well I used to think that level one would get me a 7 figure job and get me into investment banking, but after reading this thread I have realised its all a joke! Its time for plan B: Become a doctor

that was plan A for me pedpenny, realised i hate studying then after four years doing BA in finance and 0 studying (bearly made it ) i now love studying, and study 100’s of hours ugh, i could have been a doctor by now !

please search answers from “qqqbee”. Study his methods, it is the key to passing.

This forum is very useful for the following reasons: -Why are we getting CFA -How do you sign up if you don’t have a passport -Did Shia Lobeuf pass CFA? -GMAT Vs CFA -CFA > MBA -CFA useless for real ER work -Post your email here if you want free notes from “I am Sam” -How difficult L2 is compared to L1 -How many hours needed to pass each level -150 hrs Vs 700 hrs -Schweser Vs CFAI text -Passmaster Vs QBank -Determining how much a sell side analyst makes vs a buy side -Advice on sexual harassment -Tips on how to bang your superior after work -Religious studies degree Vs Astronomical Engineering -Switch from IT to Finance -Is it too late? Also, here is a consolidated one, in case I missed anything. http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,898065

el duque Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 4.) CFA is worthless in the real world. (Case in > point, a bear will maul you whether or not you are > a Level I, Level II, or Level III CFA) Not entirely true. I was recently hiking through the woods and while I usually whistle “Eye of the Tiger” when I hike (I’m told this tricks the bears into thinking that Sly Stallone is coming and they run away), on that particular day I was trying to perfect my wounded animal yelps. I must have done a pretty good job, because after about 45 minutes a rather large bear emerged from the brush looking hungry. He seemed a bit confused at first, as he was expecting a wounded black-tailed jackrabbit, but then he seemed really pissed when he realized that it was me pretending to be a wounded black-tailed jackrabbit. He decided to charge me, but luckily I happened to have my charter on me (it’s still in the shipping tube so it’s pretty easy for me to carry it around) and was able to beat him down with it. So if it weren’t for my CFA charter, I would be bear poo.

^^ last two posts are great

Hi Iginla Thanks for answering the questions in detail. Because I thought this place offers “free lunch” which I can get Stalla/Schweser-like materials for free. I was told this site offers great resources for CFA Materials. Yes, plenty of discussions here and many are very interesting to read :slight_smile: Thanks everyone

I really like cats. Why aren’t there more dedicated topics to this subject matter?

I like this one post about bear.

I thought you could stop bear attacks by asking them “If CFA is so important, why am I not earning more money?”. You can make your escape while their heads explode.

I like lamp

Hahahah if this post doesn’t answer your question, you can head on to whatever forum you’ll enjoy more. I love this place on it’s good days…