What should I binge watch on Netflix tonight?

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ray donovan

the league

For you, OP? Gilmore Girls. Get ready for the Netflix exclusive this fall!

Twin Peaks

Breaking Bad


OMG so psyched. Watching old eps of Gilmore Girls is the only thing that comes close to melting a bit of the ice that over the years has grown around and fully encased my cold cold heart.

Spartacus ,BB

Narcos season 2 coming out on Friday with all episodes available.

^ looking forward to that.

Last Chance U

Sweet bros. is narcos the 4th best lockdown tv show of all time

I hate Canadian Neflix. Don’t get nearly the amount of shows… and all the crappy Canadian content that suck / government subsidized.

Maybe you Canadians should stop being late to meetings and so goddam lazy. Then you’d get better TV shows :wink:

Strange things

I’ve heard there’s a way to trick Netflix into thinking you are located in another country. Not sure how but my SIL apparently does it while traveling so she gets the same content she gets when she’s at home.

use a proxy server with a U.S. IP address

Yeah, you can manipulate the IP address, but Netflix is cracking down on that.

How I Met Your Mother, New Girl

Loved that show. Sherilyn Fenn was the bomb.