What sport hosts the best athletes?

Agreed. Just like, “Those who can go to Harvard do go to Harvard. Those that can’t go to MIT.”

Those who can go to the NFL do go to the NFL. Those that can’t go to MLS.

I’d rather be circumcised than go to MIT or MLS.

I remember the Wall Stree Journal had an article circa 2008 on who was the greatest athlete. The study was based on speed; vision and reflex; stamina and recovery; coordination and flexibility; power, strength and size; and success and competitiveness. In fact here is the link


The bottom line: the top three athletes were 1) decathlete 2) basketball player (LBJ), and boxer.

This study was the best I have seen.

Some humans do devote their lives to trying to make the world a better place without regard to their own financial well being. None of us obviously, but there are some.

It’s hard to argue with decathlete, but they’re such non-entities even to serious sports fans.

I disagree. Most athletes choose their favorite sport and follow that dream far before the money. Most pro athletes don’t research highest paid profession then tailor their skill set to reap the rewards. Instead they develop true talent in what they are good at because its a passion and the money follows them.

Agree. My gf.

People who post for MMA are everything that is wrong with everything.

Formula 1 is a close second.

edit: In the awful post, competition, I mean.

The Czech decathlete could jump over Shaquille O’Neal. He could throw a 16-pound ball the length of a 53-foot yacht. From a running start, he could leap over a two-lane highway. Mr. Sebrle has ideal size, according to physiologists, and expertise over a range of athletic pursuits, employing the speed of an NFL back and the vertical jump of an National Basketball Association forward. Some judges questioned whether Mr. Sebrle could withstand a tackle by an NFL lineman, but none questioned his talent in the 10 track and field events that make up the decathlon. He has won Olympic gold and silver medals for the Czech Republic and is the current world champion.

I don’t doubt MMA has good athletes, but the talent pool has to be more shallow. The question was which sports hosts the best athletes as in plural. If you matched player for player any sport to basketball the depth would show. I don’t even watch the sport (because it’s boring), but I appreciate the players in the league. I wish they decided to play football.

You’ve given an answer to Lebron. I don’t know who that guy was, but respond to:

Blake Griffin, Kenneth Faried, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, etc. The longer you list out the NBA players the more offensive it seems to compare any other league. The first two players I listed because they’re just unnatural athletes, but the next two combine that with finesse skills. You could look at players like Steve Nash or Tony Parker and see that the small skills like dribbling, passing, control are present in the sport as well.

NBA’s talent pool is pretty limited, unless you have the dimensions of an NBA player (bar very few exceptions like AI) you have little chance.

Soccer and baseball and track are far more competitive in that regard.

So you’re not ready to declare this guy the world’s best athlete?

I don’t agree with the basketball thing. Look at Yao Ming. he was the most unathletic man ever. U just gotta be over 7 feet.

Moto gp riders do deserve much respect.

I’m saying the NBA has a very deep talent pool of athletes, not that everyone is eligible to play therefore they could go to more places to find players. The NBA hits a lot of people with the hacksaw before they’re even born because genetics. The guys who do end up making it are ridiculous athletes.

gentlemen, because the nature of the term athelete is so broad i asked you to post desirable characteristics and then proceed to list the sport that fits said parameters. Name dropping star nba players would be the same as name dropping any pro organizations pro athletes.

Roberto, as always, thank you for your contribution.


The decathlon athlete above must not be circumcised.

I would say the better athlete is the one who is physically superior. The only way to judge that is for 2 men to duel it out. Fighting has been around since the beginning of time and it’s the purest form of competition. Jon Jones would make Lebron look like a little girl.

Single most important attribute in the NBA: height. NBA does not produce the best athletes unless we are saying that size is a component of athleticism.

NBA players have no balance. At 7 feet their legs are too long.

Height is definitely important to basketball. What I’m trying to get at is these guys have the height, the speed, the strength, the hand eye coordination, the footwork and the endurance. All else equal if someone had the same skills, but one was taller - they would be better. Sports are a simulation of warrior skills and an army of 6’4+ guys is more dangerous than an average sized one. It’s not really fair, but it’s a fact.

Yes, but height immediately limits the potential playing pool, making it a much shallower talent base.

An industry with more barriers to entry is less competitive internally…CFA BABY!