What Subjects are you Punting?

wow way to have positive attitude. I’m an economics major with minor in finance and I have put over 400 hours into studying in the past few months and have past all sample and mock exams with mid 70’s and I feel I just have a fighting chance.

I know this topic has been beaten to death. But the search feature on this Board absolutely sucks. Passing grade is it determined by something like 70% of the average of top 10% of marks or something like that? Or is that just a rumour.

I’m getting mid 70s in schweser mocks and cfa practice exams. I’m shouting for ~85% on these tests by exam time. That should be a good margin of safety (no pun intended!)

anything you hear about the passing cutoff calculation is just a rumor aim for at least 75%

I’m aimin for 100%!! But the going theory around here is your safe above 70 right?

It was explained that by using the current process established for setting the MPS at all three exam levels, the Board will accept 70 percent of the top 1 percent of scores as the default MPS, assuming the following conditions hold

I’m punting econ, the opportunity cost is too great.

I’m not punting any section. You’ll want the easy points on Derivatives and AI when you’re on the 12th question in FSA and realize you don’t know it as well as you should despite cramming for it. If you started early enough and put in the time, most of the topics should be crystallizing in your mind at this point. As for the scoring, they use the Angoff method or some derivative of it to come up with the MPS. The 70% of the average top 1% of scores is probably just another factor they use to come up with the final MPS score in addition to the results of the Angoff method.

Well, its like punting mortgage loans…well lets just hope a “sub-prime” crisis won’t happen for the next CFA exam.

jlive1975, are derivatives that easy? Forwards, futures and the basics of options make sense but put-call parity, and swaps are driving me mad …

Put-call parity very important. Technical details of swaps not so important.

Put-Call parity: Sexy Pamela SXCP S - X = C - P S - X/(1+RFR)^t = C-P

That is very helpful. Thanks. No punting for me.