what's a verb

lots of helpful and beneficial advices in this thread. rockstar you will have a tough time choosing an appropriate term. Good luck

and the other posts get deleted lol

most people like my “built” idea. conclusion: use built

Conquered / defeated / mastered / senseid



Yeah, so far “built” wins. Although “shat out” comes in pretty close. I just had a total FOB moment when I posted this thread… Thanks yall!! Btw, there oughta be an invention of a new exclamation mark. Exclamation marks are so overrated online that it has lost its meaning. For instance, !!! has been used so much by tweens so much that the use of the three makes the sentence sound so N*Sync-ish. I hesitate to use even !! because it’s got almost the same effect. But ! doesn’t seem like you mean it. Anyway, that was just on my mind when I wrote Thanks yall!!

“Made up…” …financial modelling of XX companies