where to begin for non-finance backgrounds

hi everybody i got positive resonse from some of u guys and hope to crack CFA1 in dec…please, is it possible to form a astudy group via email? also please suggest where do i begin from? how do i start , and do i plan doing each book at a time or start them simultaneously? if interested in studying with a novice please let kow ur email id…

Start with economics and FRA… this will help you make a lot of sense of the other sections. Then, continue with quants. Leave the entire financial part (books 4-6 of the curriculum, or 4-5 Schweser) for after you finish econ, FRA and quants. This will help you understand the basics and then move to the finance section. Leave ethics for the end. Hope this helps.

Go in the order of the books for the most part. You need to know Ethics real well so migght as well start reading it now. Quant is next and since you have the science background you should be ok in this topic. You also need to start putting these concepts into some context. Watch CNBC/Bloomberg and read the WSJ/FT daily. It’ll start to click once you can see the concepts applied in real life. FYI I have an IT background and I aced the exam in Dec. Check the blog for more details.

I studied the books pretty much in order, I’d recommend doing that.

thank u guys!!!..that was prompt…infact i have started with econ and FRA…and was thinking of doing quants along-side once i get a hold of those two thanks again