Which Global City Would You Live In?

Taken from the list of Alpha++ and Alpha+ Cities.




Hong Kong



Paris Dubai Sydney I like HK and Tokyo, but NYC is still better IMO. Wasn’t the biggest fan of London, but maybe should give it another try. Never been to the others. I excluded Beijing b/c no offense, doesn’t really belong IMO.


Paris if I chose from this list. Otherwise Barcelona!



Barcelona 100%. If I got a high paying job offer there (enough to live in the cool parts and enjoy the finer things) I’d go in a second. With the exception of an NBA team, that city has everything I want.


Between NYC and Paris (the two I have visited) I would pick Paris.


What are the pros of Paris and Barcelona? Never been myself.

Rio de Janeiro

Only have experience with NYC, London and Sydney. Would choose London from those 3.

Barcelona, Paris, Vancouver

I’ve only been to two “world cities”. NYC and Buenos Aires (which didn’t make the list).

So what is the real difference between them, other than the language? I would assume that most of these cities are more or less the same.

Pro of Barcelona: Lack of French people

Con of Paris: Almost entirely French people

Beaches, history, culture, food, soccer, hot women. Good living in general. Pretty good weather. Train ride to other great things in Spain - more food, great hiking, cycling, mountain biking.

Paris is nice, but I can’t picture living there.

If Italy had better world cities than Milan and Rome I’d want to be there. Milan is just ok. Rome is garbage once you do the touristy stuff.

LA is not bad if you have money and live close to work.


I’ve never seen such concentration of hot men in one city.

Parisian beaches are legendary.


Some of the finest in Africa!