Who else is just starting??

So Level 2 is so much harder than level 1, big whoop! I skimmed through finance last night and didnt see the high level of difficulty everyone here is blabbering about. who esle is just getting started??

when did you pass level 1.?

December 2012

it is not difficulty…it is the volume that is problematic

*grabbing popcorn and readying the hacksaw

All the other people who will be studying Level 2 again next year with you.

Greenman cool

By and large it’s not the concepts, it’s the details. Instead of skimming through the material, take a look at the EOC questions. You’re looking at (corp) finance? Try the EOCs in Capital Budgeting and M&A. If you knock those out of the park after skimming the chapters, hit me up. I might need to adopt some of your memorization techniques.

If you think it’s not so hard, try a practice exam tonight and see what you get. cool

Please - take this advice! And I want results!

save it…I like my nuts

Note to self: Reason #13 why I have to pass Level 2 exam… Iteracom will hacksaw my…

The only result that matters is the one after June 1st