Why is CAIA....


If it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d be doing it now, since I don’t plan on starting CFA L3 til January. No way I’m paying that though, especially for a certification which (I’m under the impression) is only marginally helpful at best. Not to mention, I’d be super pissed if I payed and then got a job a little later that would have payed for it.

Edit: just realized I grave dug this thread, woops. I thought it was current since it was on the front page, lol.

LOL. I’m torn between CAIA 2 or FRM 1.


I agree - it is a cheap wanna be CFA. The second my employer stops paying dues I am out. I look at it as just as bad as all those goofy mutual fund wholesaler designations now.

95% of the people I see have it are in client relations/marketing. Good for them, but I don’t want to be lumped with that group.