Why the Dow Down Sharply?

If i were to look at the financial statements of the banks with prop trading activities, how can I guage the % of revenue from this activity? I would imagine it would be counted as “trading revenue” but not all of this would be prop trading. any insight?

specifically, would anybody be able to break this out for Goldman Sachs?

SMIRK Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “Banks should not be trading proprietary > capital.” > > Translation: Hedge funds are going to make a > sh!tload of money. I wan’t to get into an HF…

without prop trading, liquidity drops and all trading becomes more expensive for all. all they need is separation of capital and limits on exposure, which already exists. the govies cannot be proactive on this one, they have to identify mispriced or “unethical” instruments and force them to be unwound (i.e. subprime mortgages, CDOs, CMOs, etc). besides that, limiting the size and activities of bank giants only cuts into the dinner plate of the average joe due to a reduction in the benefits surrounding economies of scale.

@ali: or put into your gas tank;)

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