World's Fastest Cars

Yea if I had money out the wazoo, there’s no way I would be using a $300k car as a daily driver. At that level, I would have a daily personal driver and probably an armored 7series / S600 at my beck and call.

I would own a few ultra sports cars, and take it on the occasional ride to a nice dinner, take some lessons and go to the track a few times for fun.

Servicing those cars are ridiculously expensive, especially with the F1 style gearbox. Someone told me its 20k every few years just to service the transmission.

It would be really nice to have one though!

Hi all! Long time no talk!

My car: 2004 R32


A new list. A lot of the same, but a couple of additions. Anyone else think the Ferrari FF looks like a BMW M4?

BMW M4? Do you mean Z4 M coupe? Someone in my work garage has that car. It’s not the most expensive car there, but I think it’s the coolest, given that it’s so rare in the US.

There will be a BMW 4 series next year (it’s the new name for 3 series coupe). So possibly, they will call the M version an M4. Seems like they would lose a lot of brand recognition though, since enthusiasts hold the M3 in such high regard.

I think he means Z4 M

M4 doesn’t come out till 2014

I agree with ohai. These things just look weird. I mean I’m sure the idea sounds like fun, but uh I would prefer something more…understated. And I used to be a big car fanboy when I was little. However, I think the Mclaren F1 is the best looking one out of the list…

Plus, you’ll never really use these machines to the top of their ability and likely you may well not have the skills to do so…unless you’re planning road trips to Nevada on a regular basis. Even as a toy they fail.

If I had 400k to blow, I’d rather buy a small plane…now THAT would be a toy. And you could tell interesting stories like bchad.

I agree most of them look weird, but the Aston Martin and Bugatti Veyron looks pretty good. The Veyron is just simply awesome.


Yes sorry, Z4 M.