Worried about Ethics

I’m getting worried about Ethics. I had just finished going over this topic again in CFA materials and Schweser materials. Was routinely getting >70% on the Schweser quizzes and even got 24/25 on the Ethics questions at the end of SS1 in CFA book. Felt I had a real good handle on it. Then I start taking Book 6 practice exams, and I’m getting lower scores; for instance 63.8% for Ethics in Sample Exam 1. Not only that, but some of the questions seemed out of left field like nothing I’d seen before in either Schweser or CFA material. Some seemed ambiguous or like there could be 2 answers or even some WTF answers. They were really difficult. Now I’m getting worried b/c I read mcpass’s thread about pass rates and how no one who fails ethics passes the exam. So what is considered a failing score in ethics? Is it below 70% or below 50%, or something in between? Am I overreacting or do I need to keep hammering at Ethics (which I’ll probably do at least one more time anyway)? Is the consensus that the ethics questions on the actual exam will be easier, if not at least more clear in what they are asking? Thanks in advance for your help and good luck to everyone!

Keep hammering ethics. I’m also missing some questions in the practice tests. Just keep going over the questions and learn from your mistakes. Ethics is a topic in which you learn from many, many examples.

Just read and re-read and re-read. Unfortunately there aren’t any tricks to learn with the Ethics section. Don’t overthink the questions and don’t confuse yourself. Ethics suck.