Would you take a 60 pct cut to move from equity sales to buyside?

I would prob not take a pay cut for anything (overstatement). My plan is really to get my house paid off in the next year and then potentially retire by 40 and 45 at the latest. Ilve a simple life and have always found ways to make extra income so I think it is reasonable, even if I dont get big jumps in pay (which could happen if I switch jobs).

But this is a personal question and depends greatly on both life situation and what you value.


So you would be going from about $72k to $29k a year? If you’re thinking just about compensation, it seems like a loss of $40k/year for a few years is a tiny amount of money compared to the upside potential you would have from a successful career (although to be honest, $29k is a pretty shocking number to be paid at what you describe as a respected firm). If you ask me, the question is whether this new job really has the potential to launch your career in the direction that you want, or whether you are just seeing greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Out of curiosity, what are the economics of your retirement at 40 to 45? That is how much of a lump sum would you need to finance your retirement, or do you have some income plan other than just stocks/bonds? Specific numbers are maybe not necessary if you are not comfortable sharing.

Well, I assume I need about $5M USD at retirement to live a pretty good life for what I want to do. However, I have estimated much less for a basic lifestyle. So we can say I have the range at 40-45 somewhere between $2 and 5M (depends on the year and how things turn out). Keep in mind, i dont have kids, not married, then my expenses are very low. That could change, but I also assume I would get a decent amount from grandparents/parents to offset.


Your comments are very helpful - sometimes I feel the same way. I am also looking actively for opportunities in buyside or private equity. But given the macro situation, its quite tough out there even with the CFA charter.

Would you mind sharing how you found the opportunities? My problem is that most people in my network assume since I am doing well I would not want to move to buyside and I obviously cannot advertise the fact that I want to shift. So if I come to know of some opportunities I will find someone in my network to help me move ahead.


I would not take a paycut in this environment. In a booming market, it’s worth the risk. Right now, wages are not growing and there is too much supply of labor, which makes you expendable. What makes you think your salary would jump dramatically after the first few years?