You're a player aren't you And I bet you got hoes! Should the bro pay on the first date?

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Didn’t watch the video but I’m old school, so yes definitely man pays for first dinner. And probably every meal from that point on as well.

Depends. If the broad requests a high-dollar menu, she’s paying for her own.

But if we’re ordering off the value menu at the Golden Arches, don’t wry bby i got u.

when i was hs/college. id split everything like per item. goin dutch.
when i first started working. we’d split by putting down 2 cards. i get weird looks by waiters.
when i was clubbing a lot. id just skip dates altogether. and invite them to my pad or beach. or their place.
with my fiance we took turns. then when i proposed. i paid for everything. now she just pays me 33% of bills end of month.

high key am very ashamed of this. but here are my first 3 dates with current fiance’s:
1st date bag of lays and cheetos and fruits at the beach
2nd date. mexican food. i didnt have anough cash. only had a 20. they wouldnt accept card.
3rd date. chicken nuggets at mc donalds. (we came from the oc fair and we didnt buy food there. lol)

In the beginning the guy should pay. Once you’re in a relationship, you should split or pay according to what you earn.

Chips and fruit on the beach??? Ay, que lindo, mijo!!! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :couplekiss_man_woman:

her daddy pays for everything

If he’s Andrew Cuomo, yes.

Yea it went to that. To buying her 17 dollar chickenkabab because she is craving it. And I go fetch lol

I pay my chef’s salary, so I guess I always treat. But, I was going to pay him anyway so it’s just standard overhead.

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You’re considering only the fixed cost. There are also the variable costs to include: extra ingredients and so on.

So it’s more than standard overhead; you really are paying.

You have your own chef?

More about than one now. My wife likes croissant so we had to hire a Patissier.

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Yes, the guy should pay. But a first date also needn’t be anything more than a couple pitchers of beer and games of skeeball either. If she’s the type who expects a first date be at some boojwoise restaurant, then she trippin my G.