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Forum topicwhat's I/S flow effect(exchange rate/operational effect)? achogogo1311 years 8 months ago
Forum topicSS07 Analysis of FS adjustments problem. achogogo211 years 10 months ago
Forum topicconcise difference between LOSs in 07 and 08? achogogo211 years 11 months ago
Forum topicAny Level 2 taker from Beijing or Shanghai? achogogo012 years 2 days ago
Forum topicCan someone explain why ROE is higher in capital lease? achogogo2312 years 2 months ago
Forum topic2 questions from CFAI 5 achogogo412 years 2 months ago
Forum topicTiming problem in quantitative methos achogogo1512 years 2 months ago
Forum topicHELP! 12 questions in BOOK 6 SAMPLE exam 1 Afternoon achogogo2512 years 2 months ago