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Forum topicis capex good? no according to wsj chart Nerdyblop421 hours 6 min ago
Forum topicdo you prefer conglomerates or pure plays? Nerdyblop31 day 12 hours ago
Forum topicSolve this equation JBrowntown191 day 14 hours ago
Forum topicGOOG Finance going down till mid nov. OMGEE Nerdyblop31 day 15 hours ago
Forum topicToday's the day the Players play! Nerdyblop11 day 16 hours ago
Forum topicPeter Thiel 2.0 SamCryBaby11 day 19 hours ago
Forum topicbest chain sit down restaurants. discuss. Nerdyblop221 day 19 hours ago
Forum topicCharter Arrived Today M_Mitchell08342 days 8 hours ago
Forum topicNew Headquarters for AMZN LBriscoe1442 days 16 hours ago
Forum topicBridgewater, think you could handle working there? JBrowntown112 days 16 hours ago
Forum topicGetting my blood test today! What a lovely day! Nerdyblop52 days 17 hours ago
Forum topicTwo MBAs? The_Edge243 days 2 hours ago
Forum topicMusic I'm listening to. soddy197912473 days 4 hours ago
Forum topicMAGA GuyOnABuffalo6303 days 11 hours ago
Forum topicAnd just like that..... Greenman72493 days 16 hours ago
Forum topicCrypto Keystone157534 days 16 hours ago
Forum topicShould the government have bailed out aig? Throwback Nerdyblop164 days 18 hours ago
Forum topicmost watched digital shows. ideas to watch. ozark is a winner. Nerdyblop05 days 16 hours ago
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Forum topicreal estate commissions Nerdyblop115 days 18 hours ago