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September LV2 2019

Few weeks to go until the big day… how is everyone feeling? I just took the free practice exam from the CAIA website and scored in the low 70s. Has anyone else taken that yet? 

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Just took it and scored 59 - good thing I still have a month (26th of Sep). I’m perfectly fine with a low score at this point in time - skipped a lot of questions. Got some studying to do still :)

That’s plenty of time - I felt like the practice test for L1 was similar to the real exam so I’m hoping the same is true for L2. 

leveredx10 I sat it for the first time at the start of August and got 69%. will be retaking it this coming weekend.

18 days out for me. feeling ready although every now and then I do a QBank 50Q set and get a beat down, so still a bit to learn.

how are people going on QBank scores? What about the printed schweser mock exams?

The essays are where I really struggle - but I think that’s common?

I’m on L2 in September. The essays are super hard. I plan to get 80% in multi-choice then 50% in the three essays. 

I read that they are read by humans not a computer scanning for key words, so there should be some wiggle room if you can show you know what you are talking about. 

From what I’ve read there are three individuals that will read and grade your essay responses. I’m guessing that’s why it takes so long to receive our final score… 

I’m thinking Ethics and CIT’s are low hanging fruit re: essay work - just going to punt the other written component and pray for good MC results.