September LV2 2019

Few weeks to go until the big day… how is everyone feeling? I just took the free practice exam from the CAIA website and scored in the low 70s. Has anyone else taken that yet?

Just took it and scored 59 - good thing I still have a month (26th of Sep). I’m perfectly fine with a low score at this point in time - skipped a lot of questions. Got some studying to do still :slight_smile:

That’s plenty of time - I felt like the practice test for L1 was similar to the real exam so I’m hoping the same is true for L2.

leveredx10 I sat it for the first time at the start of August and got 69%. will be retaking it this coming weekend.

18 days out for me. feeling ready although every now and then I do a QBank 50Q set and get a beat down, so still a bit to learn.

how are people going on QBank scores? What about the printed schweser mock exams?

The essays are where I really struggle - but I think that’s common?

I’m on L2 in September. The essays are super hard. I plan to get 80% in multi-choice then 50% in the three essays. I read that they are read by humans not a computer scanning for key words, so there should be some wiggle room if you can show you know what you are talking about.

From what I’ve read there are three individuals that will read and grade your essay responses. I’m guessing that’s why it takes so long to receive our final score…

I’m thinking Ethics and CIT’s are low hanging fruit re: essay work - just going to punt the other written component and pray for good MC results.

I’d agree with eddyble here - some simple mnemonics make it easy to remember the applicable standards, and enough practice questions drive home where they apply. I bombed ethics in Level 1 (completely overlooked it) so am looking for easy points here this time around!

Hi Guys,

Now that we have come to the end of the exam window, eager to know the experience of fellow warriors for the Level 2 exams. I will start with mine -

First session was bit challenging with a few cryptic questions / curve balls. Unfortunately in the second session, i hadn’t read the CIT topic that was asked so missed out on that. Apart from this, I think the exam was ok and i hope i have done enough to cross the MPS bar.

I am on the stackable credit program, prepared through Schewer notes and the CAIA workbook (thanks to friends on this forum) and put in 250+ hours.

Cheers & wish eveyone the very best of luck for the results (November 20??)

I just took the exam today… I feel mentally drained. I would agree with you that the first session had lot of cryptic questions where none of the answers seemed right. Essays were harder than expected. I prepared using the CAIA textbook(read through it twice) and answering every question in the CAIA workbook. I didn’t use any external education providers and probably studied 400+ hours.

Based on the timeframe that was provided I think we should get our results back by the first week of November!

I personally thought it was quite straight forward and will be quite surprised if i fail, there were things i definitely didn’t know but you’re not meant to know everything.

That said, i really dislike the testing format for CAIA regarding the written components - to be tested on ONE white paper as a representation of what you’ve learnt across 9 is bloody ridiculous, same thing with the coursework essay - to be tested on ONE specific topic across the entire curriculum is completely unreasonable.

How are you meant to gleam the competency of a candidate if you only test on some random specific minutiae??? It just makes no sense…

Also, i didn’t come across the fact that you’re only tested on one CIT/coursework topic until i did the Mock the week before and it was tested in this manner… This should be made clear earlier.

Any thoughts on the dispersion of results?i.e. whats the standard deviation for CAIA LV II?

Would you say a comparable result (+/- 0.5SD of mean) lies between 65-75 and in the case for tougher chapters from 60-70?

Or what do you think the range for comparable is?

More importantly are the results normally distirbuted?

anyone here who sat in Mar 2019 and failed care to comment on how they felt post that exam, and how they feel post this one (assuming they re-sat)?

CAIA forum seem to have fewer responses than CFA forums - surprised that there is minimal chatter after the closure of the exam window!!!

so many fewer CAIA candidates?

I passed - so scoring low w. a month to go was fine. Funny thing is the area I scored lower than relative performance was real assets which is what I work with on a daily basis. My boss kept laughing. The rest was higher than borderline except for ethics which was borderline. Again weird cause I found those so easy coming fra CFA III?

hey guys any one have the level 2 schweser notes on pdf? to share