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Bad experience with Uppermark - any other recommendations


Does anyone else has had such bad experiences with Uppermark services and what did you do about it?

I bought like the expensive premium gold diamond whatever suite for l1 and level 2. And that bank had so many technical issues that I had to write plenty of emails and the main issue was that it always took days some sometimes weeks until I got a response. 

So in the end I wasted weeks, texting with upper mark service and could use the material or practice with qbank. 

So I am fed up and looking for other providers. Any recommendations who has a good qbank and processes that work?

Best regards. 

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I found Uppermark to be excellent. I went through their online questions repeatedly and vigorously read their condensed notes. 

Each time I emailed them I received a reply within 2 days. 

Ten out of ten (assuming I pass when results come in next month).