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Bad experience with Uppermark - any other recommendations


Does anyone else has had such bad experiences with Uppermark services and what did you do about it?

I bought like the expensive premium gold diamond whatever suite for l1 and level 2. And that bank had so many technical issues that I had to write plenty of emails and the main issue was that it always took days some sometimes weeks until I got a response. 

So in the end I wasted weeks, texting with upper mark service and could use the material or practice with qbank. 

So I am fed up and looking for other providers. Any recommendations who has a good qbank and processes that work?

Best regards. 

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I found Uppermark to be excellent. I went through their online questions repeatedly and vigorously read their condensed notes. 

Each time I emailed them I received a reply within 2 days. 

Ten out of ten (assuming I pass when results come in next month).

I liked UpperMark more than Kaplan Schweser.  I agree UM technology was lame and required many phone calls and e-mails, but the content was superior, with plenty more questions and good explanations.  The UM study guides were excellent as well. 

Late the game I ordered Schweser’s video in order to get access to instructor for some questions, but day 2 program wasn’t delivered live due to some foul-up so I lost that benefit.  I did get a partial refund

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

I think with respect CAIA third party content providers, it’s not a question of who’s the best - it’s a question of who is the least worst.

Haven’t used all the providers so i can’t comment on others but Uppermark’s QBank was cumbersome, positively ancient, badly worded and just all round frustrating. It did get the job done though so.. i guess it’s good? 

They all suck.  Schweser is pretty bad as it is nothing like the actual test. 

Hi, I am trying to sell my Schweser CAIA Level 2 2019 Schweser materials.  I have Schweser Notes, Practice Exams (3 Full exams), Special Sauce, and QuckSheet.  This compact study tool summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts.

Materials are a little worn but not highlighted at all and otherwise in good condition. 

I would like to sell them for $140 (including shipping with the United States).   I realize that this is not the 2020 materials (hence the significant discount from $499 on Schweser’s website but it doesn’t appear the test changes much, if at all, year-to-year.  

I also have the 2018 materials and would be willing to sell them for $100 (including shipping within the United States).  

Let me know if you are interested and provide an email address.  Thank you.